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Lotte – Koala’s March DIY Snack Kingdom

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They say you shouldn't play with your food, but this Koala's March DIY Snack Kingdom is the perfect excuse. A super fun set of crunchy kawaii goodness, each pack includes iconic chocolate-filled Koala's March biscuits, as well as Ghana milk chocolate squares and traditional chocolate Toppo. Combine them with the fun pop-out cardboard parts and create a cute little playground for your koalas to enjoy! Then enjoy your koalas by shoving them into your mouth.

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Suitable for vegetarians?:


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<Koala’s March> Sugar (domestic or foreign), wheat flour, vegetable oil, cacao mass, starch, shortening, lactose, whole milk powder, liquid egg, whey powder, defatted milk powder, cream powder, salt, cocoa powder, cocoa butter / Swelling agent, caramel pigment, emulsifier (derived from soybeans), fragrance <Ghana milk> sugar (domestic production), whole milk powder, cacao mass, cocoa butter, vegetable fat / emulsifier (derived from soybeans), fragrance <toppo> wheat flour (domestic production), Sugar, vegetable fats and oils, whole milk powder, starch, cacao mass, shortening, sweetened milk, cream powder, cocoa powder, malt extract, salt, cocoa butter, soybean germ extract / processed starch, swelling agent, emulsifier, flavor, anato pigment.

Potential allergens:

Wheat, Soy, Milk, Almond.


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