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Preorder terms

Thinking of preordering an anime figure? You’re in the right place. By preordering from Yokaiju, you agree to the following:

How do I preorder?

Preordering is pretty much like buying an in-stock item, except for one big difference: when you preorder you have the option to put down a 20% deposit, or pay the whole amount upfront.

If you choose to put down a 20% deposit, you secure the item right away, and must pay the other 80% via your profile before the arrival date. If you choose to pay upfront, you’re all done, and receive a 5% discount as a special thank you.

What are the preorder terms?

When you preorder an item, it’s immediately ordered from our supplier. We can’t cancel this on our side, so if you’d no longer like it, there’s unfortunately a cancellation fee.

If you put down a 20% deposit, this will act as your cancellation fee. If you paid full, then 20% of the item’s full value will be deducted from your refund.

If you’d like to cancel an item that’s been delayed by more than six months (which is super rare, but can happen), we won’t apply a cancellation fee at all.

None of these terms affect your rights to return an item.

What if my item is delayed?

Unfortunately sometimes items are delayed for reasons beyond our control. All dates are determined by the manufacturer, and we have absolutely no influence over them. In the worst-case scenario that an item preordered as a Christmas/birthday gift is delayed, we can’t take any responsibility. Because of this we recommend that preorders are placed for personal purchases only.

We send out a ‘Preorder Updates’ email in the last week of every month, which you’ll receive if your item has been affected by a delay. You can also check the expected arrival date by visiting ‘My Preorders’ on your account page.

I can’t pay the remainder just yet. What should I do?

We aren’t a dystopian mega-corporation, so please do get in touch with us if you’re having trouble paying on time. We can chat about your circumstances, and hold on to your item until you’re in a better situation.

If you don’t pay for your item, and don’t let us know when you’ll be able to, it’ll be returned to our stock 10 days after the payment deadline. At this point your order will be cancelled and your 20% deposit kept as a cancellation fee.

You can come back later and re-purchase the item if it’s available, but we can’t guarantee that it will be.

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