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The Yokaiju family

よ! And welcome to Yokaiju, your new favourite anime, manga and Japanese snack store.

A family owned and run company based in Manchester, UK, we’ve been avid Japanophiles for as long as we can remember, and travel over to our favourite country as often as we can. We’ve made some amazing Japanese friends over the years and love going back to see them, but it’s our obsession with Otaku culture that got us on the plane in the first place, and it’s the reason why we opened this store.

So many UK based anime retailers stock unofficial, unlicensed figures and accessories, so we wanted to start something better. A place where fans just like us can be sure they’re getting the best quality stuff, and that the money they spend goes back into the industry they love. Plus, having all of our stock right here in England means less waiting for parcels to arrive, and absolutely no risk of being charged tons of tax at the Post Office.

Why Yokaiju?

If you’re wondering about our name, it’s a combination of ‘Yokai’ and ‘Kaiju’. A ‘Yokai’ being a supernatural creature from Japanese folklore, and ‘Kaiju’ being the general term for Japan’s famous giant monsters (e.g. Godzilla). Pretty すごい, huh?

If you’re wondering why you should shop with us, it’s because we’re the friendliest place to buy anime figures in the UK. We stay up to date with the hottest releases, know all of the best boys/girls and only buy the coolest looking figures we can find. We’ll always do everything we can to get the stock you want, and make sure it gets to you quickly and safely.

Did we mention we sell manga, anime posters and Japanese sweets and drinks, too? So if you can’t quite make it to Japan yourself, we can help you be there in spirit.

Who’s that in the picture up there?

That’s us at a SEGA arcade in Shibuya.

While we were trying to win a Love Live! figure in a crane machine, the guy doing the power pose was playing nearby and decided to use his superior skills to grab it for us. Using his own money, he snapped up that Eli-chan in record time and refused to let us pay him back. When we asked him why he wouldn’t take our yen, he repeatedly shouted “JAPANESE SWEET MEMORY” and then demanded we take a picture together.

It was the best day of our collective lives.

Get in touch

If there’s anything we can help you with, drop us an email or chat to us on Facebook. Whether it’s a question about stock or a general chat about your favourite shows, we can’t wait to hear from you!

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